Emotion Comics

We are learning about Mental Health. We started with brainstorming a list of emotions. The next task was to think about how different situations make us feel. Students created one-panel comics to demonstrate how situations can lead to specific emotions.

Click on the link below to view a class book of all of our comics.


Species At Risk

This project began with a presentation by the Ontario Parks, “Species At Risk”.  Then we continued our inquiry with a poster project.

This is the task the students were given:

As students began working we engaged in small group guided reading of the information slides and had some lively discussion about the information presented. Students worked on determining important information, making connections, and inferring.
Some students chose to work individually and some chose a partner. They had the choice to use Google Slides or create a paper poster.


Diversity Detectives

As a class we walked to Little Lake Park with ipads and clipboards in hand. Our task was to look  for signs of a variety of plants, animals, and anything that may harm the habitats. As we moved through the various habitats within the park, students found many interesting signs and rich discussions were had using vocabulary we’ve been learning about in the classroom such as habitat, consumer, producer, affect, and species.

Students examined their written and photo data and created a slide to highlight their findings. They presented their slides to the class adding more explanation.


The Grocery Store

What better way to learn about money than to go shopping! So… we got to work constructing a grocery store.  The students were pros at the construction having had so much experience with building. They knew how to plan what they needed, survey the land and materials and worked as a team.

The Wyevale Food Land was finally built!

Next, we talked about who would work at a grocery store and what each job would entail. We also talked about customers. After a few read alouds we determined that shoppers usually make a grocery list before going shopping. Therefore, before allowed to shop in our store, customers needed to make a grocery list!

The store has been open every day with students taking on different roles. They are learning a lot about responsibility! We’ve learned about the different coins, what kinds of things we can buy with each coin and why we need to save money. Students also talked about buying healthy foods as well as treats. Lots of cross-curricular learning happening with this project!



Our Classroom Farm

After much research, inquiry, building and creating we have engineered a classroom farm!

It all started with the delivery of the eggs.  Thank-you to a student’s family for donating the incubator and eggs! We are eagerly awaiting the hatching sometime next week!


Then we talked about things we knew about farms – some students knew a lot as we do have some farming families in our class. Many students had questions, especially when it came to animals. So we moved into some inquiry projects around farm animals.  Students broke into small groups, did some research with books and videos, recorded their thinking and learning on a poster, and then presented it all to the class. Reading, writing, oral, and cooperative skills were all at work!


Then the engineers got to work building a barn, a silo, a farmhouse, a pasture, and a pen for the pigs and cows complete with a mud puddle! The students created animals for the farm including chicks, horses, cows, and pigs. They even managed to turn 2 big boxes into tractors!

Now, we’re all having fun playing in our classroom farm! Students are building relationships and social skills as they engage in the dramatic play. What a fun way to celebrate all of the work we engaged in with this farm inquiry!


The Pizza Parlor!

The students had a lot of fun with this project! We started out brainstorming ideas of what we would need to create a pizza parlor in our classroom.  Students came up with ideas for pizza toppings, types of pizza, restaurant names, menus, and jobs.  The construction began!


We read a lot of pizza themed books along the way. One of our favourites was, “Every night is Pizza Night!” Not only did it spark discussions about pizza, we talked about a lot of new foods too!

Once the construction was over the play began.  Students trained to be chefs, waiters, hosts, and customers.  Students learned a lot about manners, questioning, organizing, and drama skills.  A lot of fun learning was had by all!


Amazing Puppeteers!

This week we have transformed our drama centre into a puppet theatre!

Through this adventure students are developing pre-writing skills (brainstorming and organizing ideas). They are using pictures and words to create scripts.









Next comes the collaboration as students work together to  choose appropriate puppets and practise their play. Students are developing oral language skills, problem-solving, and leadership.

Students have presented 2 puppet shows to the class so far with great success!  A question and answer session as well as sharing positive comments rounded up the experience. We’re looking forward to many more over the next couple of weeks!

Land Use Projects

Students worked extremely hard to complete these culminating projects.

  1. First they came up with the following inquiry questions:

a)  What is the land use?

b)  Does it meet a need or a want or both?

c)  How does it impact the environment? Positive? Negative?

d)  What can we do to lessen the negative  impacts?

2.  Then students chose topics they were interested and began to find answers with their group in both print and digital resources.  They learned how to take jot notes – a challenge for many!

3.  Once the notes were all taken it was time to move to Google Slides and create a presentation.

4.  The last step was to orally present to the class.

This project encompassed many skills from social studies, language arts, and character education. Below are the finished products!

Narrative Writing

Students have been very busy planning, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing narratives over the past couple of weeks.  Their work began with a graphic organizer to plan main events and details.  Students then moved to lined paper to start drafting.  The next step was to move to Book Creator Online to publish their books, using their writing, media, and oral literacy skills.  Students quickly realized that the writing process is not a straight line.  Their stories changed as they began to write online.  Some students simply edited, some added/deleted ideas, and some changed the story completely.

What a great discussion this prompted about what professional writers do!

You may read your child’s completed project on bookcreator.com with the link provided below.

Grace:  https://read.bookcreator.com/mG6I1wImQYMtf3gawIqMtJAD9Fo2/utRbmSibTTCdXezY99As8Q

Adam:  https://read.bookcreator.com/q1O4PG34tfXFPvZ0S9A1qzyml1g1/WhYNu0tgT1OFCO_LENuCXg

Troy:  https://read.bookcreator.com/wEood6ZsbtMAlCWpFB3hNmOX9sr2/b-si1cfTTmKJmewXYcHc8Q

Parker:  https://read.bookcreator.com/TBnn4kGuBofnkKVIa69m1zXFzX02/4uviE4_0Shyg-dSpiuEaRQ

Nolan:  https://read.bookcreator.com/tMpAyA6vxzbS1mK4S38wPUjJRQC3/BGLSLtMrRUqqZ_kt2LqRUg

Arya:  https://read.bookcreator.com/dO0nCJq77YR1UaXNR7AmLcuZi5V2/1reGD0NaQf6M-zzVHY5yXA

Liam P:  https://read.bookcreator.com/2NFe5IzdmuMjmpVC6DcxDfsGAKt2/i7X666KkTpOjJ5T8LV_U_w

Tain:  https://read.bookcreator.com/j0iH1q9DuEVOogs4OQxsbJZ7I1F2/eyOzrx_8SfaSuEKwQIvihQ

Liam K.:  https://read.bookcreator.com/NZZ8NBW2DkOgri9kftejroyi9jC3/fZmyMhDlT4-8NvGa0wL5Lg

Liam K:  Sequel:  https://read.bookcreator.com/NZZ8NBW2DkOgri9kftejroyi9jC3/UDkmtYC8ThC63bl-Py72cw

Kian:  https://read.bookcreator.com/9iwWJ5EwXNfqQlG1kOPg6LPDH2X2/lOKumpNRQ-igDs1KN02bNQ

James:  https://read.bookcreator.com/3LOHJIHOdgThzRx7BGzGDxJ1bCj2/9iRpUexSSZisdUF7ykg2kQ

Hayden:  https://read.bookcreator.com/OSwDJhL8KxVHgCBINOcjlTjP5Pz1/7R6ldguCS9G1c-r8Ok6GNg

Gavin:  https://read.bookcreator.com/uxhvKT33oJd4W0xfWKRj2UluBSy2/Sy22rJItTRieesjmELF8Gw

Charlotte:  https://read.bookcreator.com/XTl7MgIIIxMuDWfLXwncT7C7PiF2/aUU-FP6pS1OkffokC00tgA

Everson:  https://read.bookcreator.com/adfqEPXrcGRT4kuFzV1QfHwheK33/E1bAWu5DR3mRyDo2IF0PQw