Music in the Outdoors

With such a beautiful day, we decided to take our music class outside! Today was the first day that students interacted with the bucket drums.  We took them to the outdoor classroom and reviewed what we already knew about rhythm and beat. We explored with the different sounds we could make with the drums and sticks. Then we had a little fun creating a thunder storm! Lastly, students created and presented their own rhythms.

I Was A Pizza

Students have been learning about rhythm and beat in music as well as learning to sing in-tune. An echo song is a great tool to help us learn and practise these skills. We also talked about how the music makes us feel as well as the lyrics.  Many of us felt that this was a sad song, even though it has a lively tune.  Recording our production has helped us to feel a sense of accomplishment in music.

Visiters:  Please reply to this post and tell us how this song makes you feel.  Do you think it is a happy song or a sad song?  Perhaps you have other ideas to share with us!

I’ll Meet You At The Top Of The Coconut Tree!

We have spent some time reading the book, “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”.  First we read it several times as students talked about the sequence of events and identified the letters. Many students made some text to self connections as well!

Then, we  brought out the shakers and added a beat to the story.  You could try it with your child as well.  The video below has the story read with a rhythm. Try tapping, clapping, or shaking as you listen.  You can even make your own shakers with empty kinder eggs filled with rice.

A visual arts provocation was set out for students to design their own coconut tree!

Bucket Drumming Performance 2019

I am so proud of these students! They worked extremely hard to learn about note values and create rhythms. Then, they learned bucket drumming techniques. Finally, the hardest part of all, was learning to drum together. It was a challenge to not only pay attention to the conductor but to listen to each other and adapt as needed.

Bucket Drumming – Beginning Activities

We are continuing our learning of rhythm, beat, composing, and creating that we began with the drumming workshop last week. Only this time, instead of hand drums, we are using bucket drums. The following videos highlight two activities we began with to help with attention, awareness, and technique. In each activity students have the opportunity to both take the lead and follow.

A Whole Lot Of Rhythm!

Our school has been so fortunate to experience the drumming circle led by Lucas Coffey of Rhythm Rhythm Rhythm!
The company’s mission statement is as follows:
Our mission is to change the way students and teachers view music, their community, and themselves. We will do this by demonstrating that with empowered people and simple tools we can create amazing things together.

They certainly accomplished this mission in Wyevale this week!

Students gained knowledge in basic rhythms and patterns. They learned how to play a drum effectively. They worked together to play and move in unison. Most of all, they stepped out of their comfort zones to try new things and develop their leadership potential!

Humming, tapping, and buzzing has been heard throughout our halls all week! Smiles have been seen across the grades!

Thank-you Mr. Lucas and Ms. Janet for all of your hard work!

Beginning a Drumming Adventure!

Music class was a lot of fun today!  We started off by looking at 3 different types of notes and determining their value.  Then, we broke into partners to use a combination of these notes to create a 4-beat rhythm.

Students then took turns presenting their rhythms and leading the class as we learned to play each rhythm together.

Music, math, and leadership all in one class!

Peace-What Does It Mean To You?

On Saturday our country will recognize Remembrance Day. On Friday our school will take part in a very special assembly to recognize the sacrifices made for us to ensure a better world.

Today, we listened to a song by Nassiri with a message of peace. We talked about what peace means to us and why the message of peace is so important.

Students:  Watch the video below and respond to this post telling us what peace means to you and what you can do to spread the message of peace.


In A Dark Wood

In music class today we learned about using volume to give music and chants more feeling.  Students learned some of the words and symbols used to mark volume. We marked this chant with appropriate symbols.

Please come to the Friday assembly to hear us perform it!  We’ll also post a video of it here on the blog.

A Porcupine In A Pine Tree

We first read this book last week and giggled many times as we read it.  Then we discovered that we were learning to sing the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in music class.  So we decided to try singing, “A Porcupine In A Pine Tree”.  This was our first time using the Hovercam in our classroom to make a video. Click on the title below to view our video

A Porcupine In A Pine Tree