Writing Great Blog Comments!

How to write  GREAT blog comment:

  1. Read the blog post VERY carefully.
  2. If you ENJOYED the post, write BACK!
  3. Open or begin your comment  with a GREETING, (Hi, Mr. Manell and Class!)
  4. Begin with a COMPLIMENT … something you enjoyed … be SPECIFIC!
  5. Share other interesting facts or information, if you have any, as long as no one ELSE said it in another comment!
  6. Make a CONNECTION … by asking a question to try to get a CONVERSATION going!
  7. Proof read for C.O.P.S. (Capitals, Organization, Punctuation and Spelling).
  8. Sign your FIRST name!
  9. Hit POST … and check BACK for a RESPONSE!

3 thoughts on “Writing Great Blog Comments!

  1. I really enjoyed the children’s paper slide videos. They did a great job. This blog is a wonderful tool to communicate what the children are doing in class.
    Thank you for the updates

  2. I am so excited to see these amazing grade 3/4 students learning these valuable new tools! My guys came home pretty excited to be blogging and tweeting……Looking forward to reading your blogs regularly. Have a wonderful day!

  3. probibly player 2 would win because. he ownle has to roll a few numders to win.

    my stradige is puting on the most counters on the most numbers the put the last ones on some other numbers.

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