My Imaginary Monster

Our student teacher, Miss Moss, engaged the students in a mini-unit about descriptive writing.  She began with identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Students then engaged in a reading of “I Need My Monster”. This mentor text is rich in descriptive sentences, using interesting adjectives and verbs.

Then, it was time for students to write.  They began the writing process with a brainstorm web of ideas of their own imaginary monster. Next, they organized their ideas using a graphic organizer. Then, they drafted their paragraphs on a Google slide and used the success criteria to revise and edit.

The last step was to use AI technology to generate a photo of their monsters based on their writing.

Thanks, Miss Moss, for this fun, engaging writing project!


My Just Right Tree

We started this project off with a couple of read alouds, giving students the opportunity to think about story elements. After each reading we discussed the main characters and their feelings and how those connected to their actions. We identified the problem and solution while retelling important events from the beginning, middle and end of the story.

Then, students were challenged to create a list of adjectives and phrases to describe the perfect holiday tree in their minds. The list was then used to draft a descriptive paragraph. Students  then published their paragraphs on a shared Google Slide and added a drawing using Google Draw.

Global Read Aloud – Week 1

We have begun to read Stella Diaz Has Something To Say for our Global Read Aloud Project.  We’ve been making lots of connections and learning a bit about what life is like for someone in North America who was born in another country.  We’re beginning to build some understanding of different cultures!

Students:  Please click on the link below and answer the questions for Week 1!

Character Traits

As we move into the holiday season we have moved into a new unit in Writers’ Workshop.  We will be focusing on fictional narratives.  The first step was to think about characters and their traits.

We read the story: Olive the other Reindeer. As we read we recorded character traits we noticed about the main character, Olive.  We also recorded ideas from the text that led to our thinking.








Then it was time to create our own characters that will star in our own creative stories.

Students first wrote about their characters and then drew pictures.  We used Chatterpix to publish our thinking.  Here is the video created about Olive, the other reindeer.  Look back tomorrow for more holiday characters!


The Global Read Aloud Begins!

Today we started another global adventure!  Our class is participating in a project called, “The Global Read Aloud”.  Thousands of classrooms around the world are reading the same book at the same time.  This gives us something in common to connect with and learn together about.

This year we are reading the book, “A Boy Called Bat”.  It is a story about a boy, a skunk, a friend and the experiences they have together.

We started the project off by talking about friends, activating prior knowledge and getting ready to make connections.  We used a new tool to this class – Flipgrid!  Ask your child to log into the flipgrid below with their student ID to view all of the videos we have created!

Writing with Technology

Our class is learning a lot about the tools that can be found within Google Drive.  Today we learned about Google Slides. We used the program to complete a shared writing task. Students worked in small groups to complete one step of a procedural writing task, “How to create a Remembrance Poster”. Each group was responsible for completing a slide with a picture and text to describe a specific step in the procedure. Students first needed to put the pictures in order. Then, they had to manipulate the photo. Next, they needed to decide on an appropriate transition word and details to be written. Students were reminded of what happened to the alien when specific details were not written!

We wrote a lot of good things and managed to all work on the document at the same time without too many technical problems. When we viewed the slideshow we agreed that there is room for improvement and we set our goals! Just watch how our skills grow throughout the writing unit!


Connecting Globally

Google Hangout with Lorton Virginia

Google Hangout with Lorton Virginia

Today we participated in a Google Hangout with a class in Lorton Virginia.  We shared our ideas around having grandparents living with us and discovered that the class in Virginia had ideas very similar to ours. They also taught us a new way to show our attentive listening.  When we have a connection to something we are listening to or reading we make a hand signal that looks something like this:

I have a connection

I have a connection

Thanks for your ideas Mrs. McDonald’s class!

Holiday Stories

We have been busy learning how to write narratives. We started by creating a character, then deciding on a problem for that character to face. We then thought about the beginning, middle, and end. Listen to our stories and let us know what you think! Did we write a great beginning? Did we write a clear beginning, middle, and end? Did we use descriptive words and phrases to “show-not tell”?