Word Study Routines

Each Monday we will all receive new words!

Every Friday we will have dictation (a spelling test)

At home:  Practise sorting your words, reading them, writing them, and talking about the spelling patterns.

Day 1:  Cut and Sort your new words:  Meet with Mrs. Hackett to talk about spelling patterns

Day 2:  Written Sort:  Sort your words, read them and think about the spelling patterns.  Then write them.

Day 3:  Sentences: Choose 5 of your words and write each of them in a sentence.  Remember to write some longer sentences using conjunctions.

Day 4:  Partner dictate:  Work with a partner to practise reading and writing your words.

Day 5:  Sort and Glue:  How fast can you sort your words? Then glue them into your word study notebook.


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