Skype Etiquette and Mystery Skype

Skype Etiquette and Mystery Skype
Skype Etiquette Guidelines

1. Sit quietly and look at the screen so your audience can see that you are paying attention to them – remember that they can see you the whole time.

2. Keep hands and feet to yourself

3. Do not raise your hand unless it’s question/answer time. Let the speaker finish first.

4. Do not shout out – wait to be called on.

5. When speaking to the other class, look into the webcam, not at yourself

6. Speak a little louder than your normal voice.

7. Be polite

Mystery Skype

Mystery Skype provides an engaging way for classrooms to introduce themselves to each other. Students will use their map skills and communication skills to guess the mystery location of the other classroom.

How it works:

Option 1: (Advanced) Find the country/state or province/city of the other classroom by asking only YES/NO questions. A “YES” answer allows to ask another question. A “NO” answer gives the opposing group the chance to ask a question. 20 questions maximum. After each 5 questions a CLUE can be given.

Option 2: (Intermediate) Find the country/state or province/city of the other classroom by asking only YES/NO questions. The same classroom will keep asking questions until they find the location. After each 5 questions a CLUE can be given.

Option 3: (Beginning). Students will find the location of the other class using clues that the other class gives. It can go back and forth with each team taking turns with questions and answers. This will help younger students stay engaged and keep the frustration level at a minimum..

After the game: Each class can share facts and information about their home country and/or city.

Mystery Skype Teams – give everyone a job!
• Greeters – say hello and tell something about the class without giving away location
• Inquirers – ask the questions
• Question Keepers – keep track of the questions and answers
• Mappers – use atlas, Google maps, etc. to zero in on the clues
• Digital Photographer/Videographer – captures the call with a digital and/or video camera

Possible Mystery Skype Questions:

1. Is your continent in the Eastern/Western Hemisphere?
2. Is your continent in the Northern/Southern Hemisphere?
3. Is your continent near the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian/Arctic Ocean?
4. Is your continent N. America/S. America/Africa/Europe/Asia/Australia/Antarctica?
5. Is it a big/small country?
6. Do you speak English as a first language?
7. Is it very hot in summer and cold in winter?
8. Is it north/south/east/west of………..?
9. Does your country border another country?
8. Are there mountains in your country?
9. Does your country have a coastline?
10. Is ………………….the capital of your country?
11. Does your state/province border?
12. Is your country/state/province north/south/east/west of?
13. Is your city in the north/south/east/west of your country/state/province?
14. Is your city the capital of your country/state/province?

Possible Clues:

1. The time is…
2. The season is…
3. We are north/south/east/west of…
4. The beginning letter is…
5. We also speak French/German/Spanish/Mandarin etc…

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