The Ideal Classroom!

As we began to get to know each other, students had a chance to share their thoughts about what would make the ideal classroom.  At this point we talked about the physical features and things that would make a classroom a positive place to be.  As the month progresses we’ll share and establish ideas about actions and routines that will build a positive community in our classroom.

Check out the fun and creative ideas the students have!

The Ideal Classroom

We started our year off talking about what would make room 210 the ideal classroom. The students brainstormed their ideas, we talked about our ideas in a community circle and then we agreed on some Community Agreements.

ideal classroom.pdf

Once we established our classroom agreements we traced our hands, decorated them, and posted them around the bulletin board as a symbol that we have “made a deal” with each other.







Crazy For Comics!

Our class is crazy for comics.  We have been learning about different types of media and have found that comic strips are one of them!  We have discovered that it is difficult to get our message across using a comic strip.  Our first assignment was to show a scene in which the characters show inclusiveness.  Some have been posted in the public class gallery.  You can view them by visiting the following link:

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Welcome to Grade 3!

Welcome to Room 210’s classroom blog!  We have had a great start to the school year!  We have started cursive writing, writing personal narratives, reading and writing numbers, cooperative problem-solving, independent reading, and many many more things! This is a busy classroom!

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Students:  What do you hope to learn in Grade 3?

Visitors:  What do you think is important for a grade 3 student to learn?