100 Day!

We made it to the 100th day of school!  We had a grand celebration! The day started off with our calendar as we completed the tenth 10-frame and counted to 100 by tens. Then we added another stamp to our hundreds chart to see what 100 looks like counting by ones.

Then it was on to some 100 fun!

We started with a number line hunt.  Students went on a search in the classroom for numbered pegs. Once they found a peg they added it to our number line.









Students built, stacked, and created, all with 100 things!

We ended the day by counting to 10 ten times with stickers and stamps.  The end product was a funky 100 day hat!

Polar Express Project

This project began on Monday when students found this in our classroom.

Students made predictions about what could be inside and we had a discussion about self-control.  It was hard not to open it right away!

Today came and students walked into a classroom with lots of big boxes, paper, glue, scissors, tape, markers and a picture on the white board.

It didn’t take long for many to suggest that they could build a train!  The construction began.  So much cooperation was in play as the construction site developed.

Once the construction site was cleaned up the play began!

Then it was time to open the present.  Inside students found bells, a train whistle, tickets, and a hole punch.  There were enough tickets for everyone so they boarded the train and listened to the story of the polar express!  Everyone will take a bell home today to remind them of the fun they had with the Polar Express!

Christmas Activities in Room 109

Here are a few of the Christmas activities happening in our class this week!

Exploring Ontario

Our social studies unit has begun with a general look at Ontario.  As always, it’s not just Social Studies! We’re incorporating reading and writing and math skills in there too.

We started out reading a book about Ontario together.  Students used the text as well as the graphics to learn information about Ontario.  We listed the new information we learned and then shared questions we still had about Ontario.  There were lots!








Then, students worked with partners reading Just Right articles about Ontario.  This was our chance to practise Buddy Reading.  Students were given a stack of sticky notes to record new information.  They then used their sorting skills to place their stickies on the Exploring Ontario chart.  As a class we came back together and read through the stickies, made connections to each other’s findings and re-sorted some as we discovered what each of the categories really were. So many skills were packed into this lesson!  Students were engaged and enthusiastic throughout.  We’re all eager to keep exploring Ontario!





Fun In The Snow!

The Ontario Ministry of Education has stated:

“Daily physical activity is a critical component of making sure that publicly funded schools in Ontario are healthy places to learn. Studies have shown that when the physical health and well-being of students is supported, their academic achievement improves as well.”

DPA in the winter can be a lot of fun at Wyevale!

A Visit From Tiny Fire Department!

Thank you so much to the firefighters from Tiny!  First we learned about fire safety. Then we did a little homework and created fire escape plans with our families.  Finally, we had the amazing opportunity to get up close to a pumper truck! There is nothing like experiential learning!!


Entrepreneurial Adventure – Planning Our Event!

Our business teams were very productive today!

The financial team worked on planning the pre-movie games and creating a map of the gym for our Movie Event.


The Financial Team examined the results of our movie choice survey and created digital graphs.


The marketing was busy creating commercials for the April 1 assembly.  We’ll publish them to this blog when they are ready!  We’re looking forward to trying out the green screen!