Into the Woods with Van Gogh

We started this project learning a bit about Vincent Van Gogh and looking at some of his art works.  Then it was on to our own creating!


First, students learned about a horizon line and how the size of objects change depending on how far or near they are. Students drew a horizon line and a road/path using one-point perspective. They observed that the road narrows as it gets further away from the viewer.

The next step was to use pastels to colour the sky. Students considered texture and colour to create the sky.

Then it was time to begin painting the foliage. Students used a circular motion and blended colours to create an Autumn scene. Painting the road/path was next. Students considered the direction of their brush strokes as well as blending colours to create their roads/paths.  Students  used  some  painted  paper  to  create  a cabin  and added  details  with  a pastel.



The completed projects are beautiful!!

Thank-you to Painted Paper Art for the inspiration

Community Agreements

In our classroom we have 4 community agreements:

  1. Right To Pass
  2. Attentive Listening
  3. Appreciation
  4. Mutual Respect

We have taken a lot of time to establish these rules so that our classroom is a safe and positive place for all to be. Today we completed an art project to “seal the deal”.

We talked a bit about hand shakes and how some people show their agreement to a deal with a handshake. So, we decided to put our hands on our Community Agreement board as a symbol of a handshake.

First students traced their hands. Then they used a variety of lines, shapes, and designs to make their hands unique. We talked about how the designs they used can reflect their personalities and show a variety of feelings. Then, students used markers, water and paintbrushes to paint their hands.

The last step was to reflect on the agreements and think about which ones were the most important.  We came to the conclusion that they are all important!