Observing Soils

Over the past 2 days students have had a chance to investigate four different soil samples. They took time to use magnifying glasses to observe closely and record with drawings and words.

Then we came together to share the words we used to describe the samples and students had the opportunity to add more to their own recording sheet.

After that we looked at 4 location pictures and completed a shared writing activity, listing words to describe each location and deciding on a name for each.

The last step was to decide where each soil sample came from. Students used their knowledge of writing complete sentences using the conjunction “because” to record their thoughts.


Abstract Painting and Reflections

For this project students first learned a little about non-objective art. We watched a video about a well known artist, Wassily Kandinsky. We then looked at several of his paintings and identified the lines and shapes he used to create different sounds and feelings.

We talked about these elements of art: line, shape, colour, space.

Students used a variety of lines and shapes to fill their paper space. Then they were given white paint as well as 2 other colours to create tints to fill the spaces on their paper with colour. The last step was to use a sharpie to go over the pencil lines.

The students certainly rose to the challenge of this creative project!

The last step was to write about their art, being sure to use complete sentences. What sounds do they hear when they look at their artwork? What feeling does their piece create? Note: This was our first attempt at writing with the chromebooks. Students were told to focus on their ideas and writing complete sentences. Spelling was to be “Have-a-go”.

Me In Math

As our journey into math began this year, students completed a fun activity to help reacquaint themselves with the various math manipulatives within the classroom. It was also a time to remember that math can be fun and creative! Here are the characters students created:

Welcome Class of 2023-24

Hello families and students! Welcome to a new school year at Mundy’s Bay!  This classroom blog is a space for our class to showcase our learning.  Posts will be added weekly so be sure to check back frequently.  Students will also use this blog to write and respond. They love to see comments about our posts so please take a few moments, when you can, to give us some feedback and ask questions!

This is a space where you can be informed about the learning that is happening in our classroom. I will try my best to keep the Google Calendar up to date so be sure to check that page for special events. Have fun exploring all that is here!

Cindy Hackett