Equal Groups Challenge

Today, students were challenged to think about breaking numbers apart into equal groups.

The first question they were presented with was a Minds On question:

Then it was time for the challenge! Students chose a number of counters. Then they split their counters into 4 equal groups and covered the groups. The total number of counters was displayed on a sticky. Students then moved around the room, trying to figure out the number of counters of each book.

The next step:  Students will change the number of equal groups they make, exploring a greater number of multiplication equations.


Building Structures: Testing Materials

The Grade 3’s worked through a science investigation today about the topic of building materials.

The questions they started out with:

  1. What are the properties of plastic, paper, fabric, and aluminum foil?
  2. When would you use each of these materials?

Students proceeded to conduct the following experiment and record their results.


  1. If you were building a toy bridge, what materials would you use? Explain.
  2. If you were building a pillow which material would you use? Explain.


Emotion Comics

We are learning about Mental Health. We started with brainstorming a list of emotions. The next task was to think about how different situations make us feel. Students created one-panel comics to demonstrate how situations can lead to specific emotions.

Click on the link below to view a class book of all of our comics.


A Perfect Day – Snow Angels

This art project began with the book, “A Perfect Day” by Carin Berger.

We enjoyed the story and then got to work examining the illustrations. We looked at how the artist created shadows using shading techniques. We looked at shapes and how the artist created movement.

Then it was time for students to begin creating themselves. They started with the background, creating a snow angel using white and blue paint. Then, they created a person.  They put the two together and added some paint splatters to mimic snow. The results are amazing!


A Fun Way To Practise Multiplication Facts

As we learn to model multiplication in many ways and begin to build recall of multiplication facts we have learned a new game: Block-Out!

All you need is a piece of grid paper, 2 dice, and a coloured marker for each player.

Take turns rolling the dice. Then draw a block on the grid paper using the numbers of the dice. For example, if you roll a 2 and a 5 then draw a 2×5 rectangle. Write the corresponding multiplication sentence in the middle. The rectangle you draw must touch another block that has already been drawn. If there is not a space left for you to draw your rectangle you are out. The winner is the last person to draw a rectangle and write the correct multiplication sentence.

Writing and Self-Assessment

Students spent some time, today, looking critically at their writing.  The writing task involved a shared reading of “Splinters” by Kevin Sylvester. Then, students thought about what could happen next. What would part 2 of the story be? The drafting began!

We came up with a list of Success Criteria:

Then, we discussed what a star and a wish is.

Students were given 2 sticky notes to record their stars and wishes. There was a lot of thoughtful self-evaluation going on as well as goal-setting as we begin a new writing unit tomorrow.