A Voyage To Upper Canada

Our unit about the Early Settlers has begun with the realization that the boundaries of Canada were very different 200 years ago.  We compared maps from then and now and talked about where the early settlers of Simcoe County came from.  Looking at a map students realized that they must have gotten here by boat.  The questions began, wondering what that would have been like.

We began the exploration with a bit of drama, using the carpet as a boat and chairs as travelling trunks so that students could gain a sense of just how crowded steerage class would have been.

Then, students listened to an “imagery” reading and recorded their thoughts.





To show their understanding in a creative way, students created a tableau representing the boat trip.  While students were frozen in their tableau, their shoulders were tapped one at a time. This is when they brought their characters to life, making comments in role.

Look at each tableau below.  Can you guess what each character said as he/she came to life?

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