My Special Grown Up

Over the past two weeks students have been focusing on making connections while they read to help them with deeper thinking and understanding. They have also been writing to connect-writing in such a way that the reader can connect to the ideas.

Students began this culminating writing project with an interview. They chose an adult at home and conducted a brief interview to gather information. Once back at school, students used sentence stems to write some complex sentences.  The next stage was to use a graphic organizer to organize their information into a paragraph structure. The paragraphs were then drafted and published on Google Slides.

Where Would You Prefer To Live?

We have been exploring the various land regions throughout Canada.  Students have watched videos, looked at pictures and read articles about the regions.  Grade 4’s looked at the whole of Canada and Grade 3’s focused on Ontario. As a culminating project students chose 2 regions to compare.  They started with Venn diagrams and then used a T-chart to generate ideas about areas they would enjoy and those that they would not.  All of this was then put together in paragraph format and published on Google Slides.


Northern Lights Art Project

For this art project students learned to work with a new medium-chalk pastels.  They first learned a bit about the northern lights. We talked about landscapes and perspective. Then we explored different techniques to use with chalk pastels.

The last step was to add some stars with paint.  The results are beautiful!