Meeting New Friends From Across Ontario!

Hello Students!  This term we are discovering how people live and work in Ontario.  We’ll be reading, writing, looking at various media, and engaging in many inquiries big and small.  We’ll be sharing our learning journey with some other grade 3 classrooms throughout Ontario.  Please click on the link below and introduce yourself to our new friends!

The Teddy Bear Adventure Returns!

Our class has begun a new adventure – a teddy bear adventure!  This is a global project that we will be participating in all year.  Last summer I met a new friend from Argentina – Ms. Kaczorkiewicz.  She gave me a teddy bear from her class – Alicia Felpudita.  This teddy bear learned a lot about Canada and our Wyevale community as she traveled to many of our homes last year.  She would like to learn a lot more and bring that knowledge back to the students in Argentina!

In return we will be sending our teddy bear – Maple the Moose to Argentina to learn all about life in that country. Last year Maple had a very difficult time traveling to Argentina. It turns out that it is not an easy place to get to. Derrick the Dear had to go and find Maple and bring him home.  Hopefully Maple will have better travels this year!

Throughout this project students will be writing from the point of view of Alicia, conducting inquiries about various countries and making comparisons to our community, interacting with students from around the world, and building global awareness.

We have set up a blog to document this project and will be adding to it weekly.  You can access the blog from the page at the top of this blog titled, “A Teddy Bear Adventure”. You may access it directly by going to the following web address:

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Wyevale Central Public School!

Welcome to grade 3!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know all of my new students and their families and friends!  I know this will be a positive year of learning for all of us..

Please sign your child’s agenda each night.  This is a great way for us to communicate and keep ourselves organized.  You may also check the class calendar (click on the page at the top of this blog) for events that are happening. I will also post things that have been sent home and due dates to help all of you keep track of any paperwork.

As well as checking this blog, which both myself and students will be posting on often, be sure to check out our class Twitter feed (@HackettStudents).

Cindy Hackett