Collaborative Art-Wyevale Style!

All of the classes here at Wyevale were given a challenge.

The Idea:

In First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture the feather holds significant meaning. It represents strength, trust, honour, wisdom and freedom. Members were rewarded with a feather often for an act of bravery. Bravery can mean many different things and can take many different forms. Sometimes it is brave to simply be yourself. Sometimes it is brave to accept another’s differences. It is always brave to stand up against a bully.

Each member of our school was provided a blank, white feather. It was our job to add depth to this feather and give it meaning. Using the principles and elements of design we were challenged to design a feather that represented our uniqueness.

Then when all of the feathers were gathered together Ms. Stewart made wings, because “we are each unique, but together, we are a masterpiece.” When we honour our differences we learn how to stand together as individuals; and when individuals stand together, they can learn how to fly.

Here’s the final outcome!

The Story Of The Hummingbird

First, we read “The Story of the Hummingbird”.  Students drew pictures, wrote interesting words, and wrote phrases to document their thinking as they listened to the story (a skill that the students have greatly improved upon this year!).

Then, students teamed up to retell the story using tableau to create visual images and Adobe Spark to narrate. A slide or two was added to the end to discuss the message of the story and how we can apply Hummingbird’s philosophy to our own lives.

This activity allowed students to develop their reading comprehension through retelling, develop their character with the discussion about caring and compassion, put drama and media skills into action, and improve collaboration.