Problem Solving

Today students applied their knowledge of decimals, multiplication and money to solve a fencing problem.  Students impressed me while we “unpacked” the problem together with comments such as, “Hey, we did a problem like that a while ago!” and “That’s just like what we were doing last week!”  Students are connecting their learning!

While students could do the math involved with the problem, they had a challenge in talking about it and explaining what they were doing to solve the problem as well as writing their ideas clearly on paper. Each group solved the problem in a different way. As the year continues, communication will continue to be a focus for everyone.





Part One Of The Pizza Project

Students were given an information sheet outlining the cost of specific ingredients as well as the selling price of 4 different types of pizza.  The students then had to figure out how much profit would be made on each pizza.  Look at one solution.  These students have made a good start.

What do they need to add to their answer to make it a level 4?  Hint – think of APPEL

Beginning a New Math Project – The Pizza Shop!

Today we will begin a new math project – The Pizza Shop.  We’ll be doing  a lot of work with decimals, fractions, money, volume and mass.  Did you think that pizza could involve so much math?!

Watch the video below to get your mind on the subject!

 Imagine that you are about to open your own pizza shop.  What would you need to know in order to  figure out how much money you will make from selling your pizza?  Reply to this post with your ideas.

Mini Golf Math Project – The Final Day

It has taken quite a few days to complete this project!  But all of the learning that occurred throughout was well worth the time spent!  Students not only applied their math knowledge, they demonstrated their learning skills.  Throughout the project students were constantly problem-solving and collaborating. In the end, we had a bit of fun “playing” each other’s holes.  Nolan was the champion golfer! Students submitted written reflections and spoke about their projects to the group.


Multiplication and Problem-Solving

We’ve spent some time learning the mechanics of 1- and 2-digit multiplication. Today we used that knowledge to solve a problem. Students used SmartNotebook to record their thinking. See below for the problem, success criteria and solution.

2 digit multiplication task.notebook - nola9290 nola9290_2Gavin's SolutionMadison's Solution

Look at these 2 solutions. Using the success criteria, what suggestions would you give these students to make their work even better?